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Repairing Your Leaky Roof

Roof RepairKeeping moisture out of your home is one of the most important objectives we all want to achieve.  Moisture can lead to mold growth, damage to your home’s structure, and even illness among those who live in the home. So you must battle roof leaks head on with Henry roof repair products!

Repairing a roof leak involves locating the source of the leak and selecting the proper product based on the characteristics of the roof. Henry provides all the information you need in this section to help you repair your roof like the pros!

Henry Roofing Products - application video

Watch a segment of Designing Spaces where Henry roofing products and application were featured prominently.

Locating the source of your leak

The first step when dealing with any moisture penetration.  Henry offers some helpful tips and tricks to help you pin-point the source and begin to devise a game-plan to stop the leak.

Repairing your leaky roof

Let Henry walk you through the steps you need to know to successfully repair your roof just like the pros.  With Henry Professional Grade products, you can have the piece of mind of repairing your roof right, and avoid any future concerns of moisture penetration.

Choosing the right product for the job

Depending on the type of roof you have, you need to be sure you select the right product for the job.  Henry helps you determine the correct product whether you have a metal roof or shingle roof, or whether you're working in wet or dry conditions.

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