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Residential Air Barrier Accessories

  • Blueskin<sup>®</sup>WB25 Blueskin®WB25
    • Rubberized flashing membrane
    • Protection against air infiltration and water damage
    • Fast, easy peel and stick application
    • Saves energy by preventing draft and air leakage
  • Blueskin<sup>®</sup> Butyl Flash Blueskin® Butyl Flash
    • Impermeable to air, moisture vapor and water
    • Easy self-adhered application
    • Self-sealing when punctured
    • Excellent cold weather adhesion
    • Highly flexible making installation easy
  • Air-Bloc<sup>®</sup> LF Liquid-Applied Flashing Air-Bloc® LF Liquid-Applied Flashing
    • Moisture-curing, high solids elastomeric liquid-applied flashing membrane
    • Fast curing, single component, easy to install
    • Low VOC and low odor
    • Excellent compatibility with Henry® air barriers, including rubberized asphalt
  • 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant
    • Adheres efficiently, wet or dry, to most building materials and is highly elastic
    • Skins over, tack free within 30 minutes
    • Offers wide service temperature range
  • 925 BES Sealant 925 BES Sealant
    • External joint sealant for Henry® air barrier, waterproofing and roofing systems
    • Excellent weathering resistance, flexibility, very low VOC

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