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Henry® Roof Restoration Systems

roofing form bannerHenry® Roof Restoration Systems offer cost-effective alternatives to re-roofing, with the added benefit of reducing landfill waste. Easy-to-apply products feature a self-flashing, liquid-applied roof system that provide a seamless and long-lasting solution to roof replacement. A Henry® Roof Restoration System is:

  • Good for the Contractor – Reduces application time, labor cost and equipment wear
  • Good for the Building Owner – Delivers years of durable and sustainable protection
  • Good for the Environment – Reduces landfill waste and associated costs, saves energy by meeting cool roof requirements and has low VOC content

Liquid-applied restoration systems from Henry® consist of coatings, primers, sealants and roof cements/mastics that provide robust weatherproofing protection on flat, low and steep-sloped, and metal roofs. With three technology platforms to choose from – silicone, acrylic and aluminum – Henry® provides coating options formulated to meet various environmental and structural needs, as well as mastics/cements for your repair needs.

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Restore or Replace?

>>These 5 steps can help you make the right choice for your roof.

Selecting a roof coating

>>Learn about the factors associated with choosing the right restoration system for your roof.

Third-Party Certifications

>>Read more about third-party certifications that are behind many Henry® products.