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PERMAX Spray Foam Insulation: Get Significant Energy Savings

wall cavity eliminates gaps
Permax conforms to every
angle of the wall cavity.
Eliminates gaps around
electrical outlets and conduit.
seals pipes seals small spaces
Seals pipes and through-the-wall
plumbing penetrations.
Self-adhesive spray seals small,
tight spaces, underside of
roof sheathing and floor boards.

Henry PERMAX resistance to heat transfer (R-value) is far superior to blown-in cellulose or fiberglass batts.  High R-value, combined with an airtight seal, can result in dramatic energy savings.

Case studies report significant utility savings due to higher R-value and greater air sealing.

For more information, view:
>>Spray foam case studies


PERMAX 6.5 R-value
Blown-in cellulose 3.7 R-value
Fiberglass batts 3.4 R-value




PERMAX Resists Condensation, Inhibits Rot and Retards Mold

PERMAX delivers all the advantages of an air barrier, resisting moisture in the walls and roofs where mold can thrive.

PERMAX Means Peace and Quiet

PERMAX deadens the sounds of the outside world, creating a tranquil environment.