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PERMAX Metal Roof Insulation Systems

metal roof

PERMAX Metal Roof Insulation Systems can add decades to the life of old, structurally sound, metal roofs – a perfect sustainable solution!  The PERMAX System provides an exceptional R-value of 9 or more for 1.5 inch thickness – the energy savings alone make this system a smart choice for all metal roofs, new or old.

Key benefits and features of a Henry PERMAX metal roof insulation system can include:

  • Monolithic and Self-Flashing: seals out moisture to prevent corrosion
  • Adds rigidity and strength to the roof
  • Lightweight: about 100 lbs per 100 sq ft
  • Superior insulation: R-value of 9 or more!
  • Pays for itself in reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Controls Condensation
  • UL Approved
  • Confidence: 30 years of experience, over 50 million sq. ft. installed

Below shows how adding a PERMAX Roofing System can add decades to the life of an old, corroded metal roof:


Moisture and pollutants cause rust and other corrosion, with eventual roof failure. Cladding an old, corroded metal roof with a PERMAX Roofing System can add decades to its life.


The seamless Henry PERMAX Roofing System provides a double layer of waterproof protection with the added benefits of exceptional insulation. Henry is a leader in the sprayed polyurethane roofing system industry, offering top-quality materials and years of experience.